Transitional Pastor

                       Neil Kattermann


   Pastor Neil Kattermann has joined St. Mark Lutheran Church beginning September 17, 2018.  He served as a Lutheran pastor for just over 45 years.  Pastor Kattermann's first 25 years of service was at Hope Lutheran Church in Arcade, NY.  He spent a total of 35 years serving the people of Hope.  At that time, Hope Lutheran was affiliated with the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod until 1999 when both Hope and Pastor Kattermann joined the Upstate NY Synod of the ELCA.  In 2008 he "retired" as pastor of Hope and went on to service as Assistant to the Bishop  for Candidacy.  More recently, he served as Intentional Interim of both Parkside and Holy Trinity.  He also served as Visiting Pastor of Holy Trinity until he "retired" about two years ago. 

   Pastor Kattermann states that his task is to get on with IT.  IT meaning God's Mission for us together at

St. Mark.  We look forward to moving on with the mission of St. Mark which is to share Christ with anyone and everyone who will listen.  THIS is the only reason for any of us and St. Mark to be here.

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Vicar Lance Scarafia

​  I am Vicar Lance Scarafia and I have been worshiping  as a Lutheran in  our synod for over 5 years.  My wife Anna and I were married at St. Timothy church in 1977 by Pastor John Scarafia.  We have been married for 42 years, have been  blessed with 4 children and 10 grandchildren so far.  I began as a member of Augustana Church in Tonawanda and very quickly was asked to serve as a congregational Deacon.  I was very involved as I felt it fulfilled my spiritual needs and we enjoyed being a part of this congregation.  After two years of working with the Pastor of Augustana, he asked if I ever thought of advancing to the next level as a conference Deacon, I said YES! So the journey began for me as I prepared to learn about this role in the church and the study it would take to get me to the next level. After about a year and a half, I was blessed with becoming a conference Deacon and in April of 2018, I was commissioned as a conference Deacon.  I am currently serving the New St. Mark as their Deacon and enjoying the presence of a very loving group of dedicated Christian people.  I currently am preparing for my next journey, which is the candidacy program through the synod.  This will continue my calling to become an ordained minister in the ELCA. Over the past few months, I  have been both studying and preparing for this upcoming event.  I have the support of my wife, family and prayers from many people.  I am up for candidacy in  May and am praying that God will walk by my side as a decision is made to accept me into this wonderful world of service.  I look forward to serving the New St. Mark for many years to comeAs of May 2019, I am beginning my journey towards becoming ordained.