St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran church began June 1927 in the Kenmore Village Hall.  In November 1927, the congregation was formally organized at services held at the YWCA.  Twenty-four charter members were received.  January 1928 the first Annual Congregation Meeting was held in the Church of the Advent.  March 1928 Rev. Eugene Kreider was installed with 1325 attending.  Rev. Alva Jones was installed.  In July 1929 services began being held in a vacant store on Elmwood Ave.  In November of the same year, services moved back to the YWCA.  June 1930 Rev. Robert Keeler was installed.  In May of 1931, the church council signed a contract for property at 66 Somerton.  In September a new Chapel was dedicated.  April 1939 Rev. Henry Schumann was installed.  In January of 1942 a financial campaign to raise $5,000 for the building of the first unit of a permanent structure was authorized.  In 2 weeks, $5,400 was pledged. In October of 1943 a deed to the new church site was presented to St. Mark's.  January 1946 a second building fund drive for $15,000 was approved.   In October of 1948 Ground was broken for our present church. A service for the laying of the Cornerstone was held in January of 1949.  In 1954 ground was broken for the Parish Hall extension. July 1955 there was a rededication of the Church.  In February of 1961 Rev Allen Griep was installed. September 1973 Rev. Michael Lubas was installed.  Approval for a Fellowship room and rear entry was approved in 1974.  June 1976, the mortgage of the Parish Hall was retired.  1977 came approval to refurbish  the kitchen and narthex.  In December of 1978 Pastor Norman Gauch was installed.  1991 Rev. Sherwood Bryant served as interim.  January 1992 Rev. John Calfano was installed.  In 2010 Rev. Hans Irmer became our Pastor.  March 2011 a 3 church Parish Model began.  Rev. Emily Ebert was installed September 2016.  Parish agreement was broken in June of 2018, Rev Emily Ebert resigned July 2018.  September 2018, Pr. Kattermann and Deacon Scarafia join St. Mark.