Care Team

​Our care team goes to visit our shut-ins and those of that are in special need of prayer and visitation.  They are all able to give communion upon their visit.  Please contact our secretary at 875-3707 if you wish to have a visit from our care team.


​Just Older Youth are a group of retirees that get together to go to lunch and see the sites around Buffalo.  They meet on the second Tuesday of the month at noon. 

W.IN.G.S. (Women In God's Service)

​Is a community of women that get together to support each other and to reach out to those in the community.  Some of our yearly events are taking Thanksgiving dinner to the Ronald McDonald House, Christmas bags for Schofield, Tuna Macaroni Salad for The Salvation Army.  We also do many fun activities.


​ Our chowder ministry meets the second Thursday of the month to prep.   The chowder is made the following Saturday beginning at 5 am.  The monthly funds go to various charities. 

Christian Life

​We are committee that provides and promotes social and fellowship life for the congregation.  We cook and serve many of  the meals for the congregation including the Christmas Breakfast, Easter brunch, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner and many more.

Worship & Music (Choir)

​Choir meets every Wednesday night at 7 pm to rehearse and learn new hymns.  Worship and Music meets the First Sunday of the month to discuss the upcoming events in the Church calendar. 


​Our finance committee deals with the day to day finances along with paying the pastor/vicar and other employees.  Along with Stewardship, they come up with a yearly program to promote the giving of tithes to the church.


The council is made up of members of the congregation along with the Pastor(s).  We lead the congregation in stating its mission along with long-range planning and goal setting.  Maintain supportive relationships with other congregations.  Promote a congregational climate of peace and good will.